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We preserve your stories and create a custom, treasured heirloom.

Share your story

Each person's life story should be treated with the greatest care and dignity. All materials collected for your personal history project will be considered private and confidential until you choose to share them with family and friends. You will always have total control over the topics you choose to discuss and how they are presented.​​​



Heather Greenburg


What drives me?

My wonderful father passed away when I was 20. All that was left of his story is one small recording captured shortly before he died and a few pieces of memorabilia. I deeply regret that I do not have more of my father's life story, in his own words, to share with my younger brother and sister who were toddlers at his passing. It is my goal to preserve what I can for others to share with their loved ones and beyond.

What makes me different?

I thoughtfully listen and ask the questions that help you leave your desired legacy. Whether it’s a friend or relative or part of your own estate planning, together we can craft the narrative you want to endure.

Greenburg - Baby Dorothy by Amber Fisher (3)_edited.jpg

"A man will live as long as he is remembered" - Socrates

Memories Fade. Preserved life stories last forever.

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