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About Me

I discovered my passion for personal histories while working on my own family projects in the early 1990’s. It began with the thrill of discovering a lost story or finding forgotten memorabilia, but it was the uniqueness of the people behind those stories and objects that led me to dedicating a career to it.

To this end, I earned a degree in family history and have worked in a number of private and public institutions focused on preserving such histories.

During my time at the Atlanta History Center, I worked with the Veterans Oral History Project to cement the complex stories of veterans and to help future generations understand the impact of war memories on family members.

In the private sector, I spent several years as a personal historian for a public figure and business man where we completed preservation projects to organize over 30 years of private material and traveled to gather the stories of his surviving relatives.

From libraries to homes and from businesses to universities, I am thrilled to bring my wealth of experience to organize and preserve your story for your future generations.

Heather Greenburg


What drives me?

My wonderful father passed away when I was 20. All that was left of his story is one small recording captured shortly before he died and a few pieces of memorabilia. I deeply regret that I do not have more of my father's life story, in his own words, to share with my younger brother and sister who were toddlers at his passing. It is my goal to preserve what I can for others to share with their loved ones and beyond.

What makes me different?

I thoughtfully listen and ask the questions that help you leave your desired legacy. Whether it’s a friend or relative or part of your own estate planning, together we can craft the narrative you want to endure.

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