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Here to capture your personal story

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  • This sounds interesting, how do I get started with you?
    We have a conversation about your goals. What do you want your reader to learn? Who's the audience? Develop a project path that you would like to take.
  • Can Children and/or grandchildren take part in the process?
    Yes. I customize the project the way you and your family envision.
  • Can close friends and siblings be interviewed together instead of husband and wife?
    Absolutely. Reminiscing together creates wonderful stories.
  • What if my parents live far away?
    No problem. I am based in Atlanta and I have worked with people all over the country. Where there are stories, I can travel.
  • What if I want a life story preserved with someone who doesn't speak English?
    If a family member or friend close by can translate, then I can work with this.
  • What if I am gathering stories for someone who has already passed away?
    No worries. Their life story can be weaved together from the memories and experiences shared by others, along with their letters, journals, memorabilia, and historical research.
  • What if something is shared in the recording that we do not want to be included in the writing?
    You have the power to delete anything from the narrative that I write for you. This is your project. You will be given a digital copy of the audio to keep.
  • How long does a book take?
    A typical book takes about 6 months to write, then a few months to design and print. Naturally, the length of the book project influences the time it takes.
  • How does printing work?
    I don't own a press, but contract with a printer to print your life story at cost. This is separate from the price of research and writiing. You can order one book or several books at a modest cost.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, feel free to reach out to me at 

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