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Create a meaningful Legacy

We preserve your stories and create a custom, treasured heirloom.

Each person's life story should be treated with the greatest care and dignity. All materials collected for your personal history project will be considered private and confidential until you choose to share them with family and friends. You will always have total control over the topics you choose to discuss and how they are presented.

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Step 1: Free Consultation

In a 60 minute session, we discuss what you intend to preserve and how we can best achieve that. We investigate various formats for best preserving your story to meet your goals. Together we will review an outline of what to expect, and how long it will take from start to finish. We will also talk about the option to involve other individuals (such as family members or other persons of interest). Together we can determine the right structure and cost that works best for you.

Step 2: Research

Together we will review the artifacts, content, and individuals of the project and begin gathering and organizing the scope more formally. 

Additionally, I will research and outline the questions to be asked during live, first person interviews.

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Step 3: Interviews

My approach as a non-judgmental and discretionary interviewer, is to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment for sharing precious memories. 

Through thoughtfully tailored questions my aim is to capture the breadth and depth of what you love and admire most, such as your family lore, funny tales, emotions, and values.


Each session is recorded digitally and typically last 60-120 mins. 

Step 4: Creation

Synthesis & Writing: The audio from the interviews will be transcribed, organized, and edited for clarity and readability. You are able to review a first draft of the content to ensure that everything you wanted to say was captured accurately.


Photo/Memorabilia Selection: You will select the photographs and memorabilia you want to include in your book. Please provide high-resolution digital versions of the photographs. We can also scan photos for you.

Editing & Final Approval: You will review the final version of your book. This is how your book will look when it is printed. Now is the time to make any minor changes to the text. Photo placement and captions will also be reviewed and approved.


The book then goes to an editor for a final check.


Lastly, your book is printed on archival quality paper with the binding of your choice.

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